Author Testimonials

Working with Dawn on my Ardalia trilogy was both a great pleasure and a tremendous help for my books. She is fast, very responsive and was really able to enter into my Fantasy world.
I had been almost "burned" by other editors, and she saved my books. It was the first time I had the feeling of being really listened to. It was a great collaborative process in which we devised the best way to work together. She has an eye for spotting the spelling mistakes and typos. One thing very important for me is that she didn't denature my work: with another editor, I had the feeling that my book was not so much mine, because of too much rewriting. It was damaging to my self-confidence, constantly questioning my writing styleWith Dawn, it was all to the contrary. With each correction, I had the feeling the book was strengthened. She had a better understanding of my work and what I was trying to achieve than any other editorMy primary target was the north American market, and she edited the book for this specific target.  When her work was finished on the first book, The Breath of Aoles, the book was vetted by the Awesome Indies website, and the reviews became glowing ones. 
In one phrase, I couldn't recommend her enough!

Alan Spade, author of the "Ardalia" trilogy

I first encountered Dawn through an email exchange. She had read my first book and, whilst she enjoyed it, she also carefully offered some advice on a particular scene. She pointed out some continuity errors that no one had spotted before. That’s when I suspected I had found a new member of my small, but growing team.

As an Indie Author I need to choose my team carefully (quality, budget, etc.) and the idea of releasing my work to an editor is always a scary prospect. My book is my baby, my labour of love. In my experience (so far anyway) the role of an editor or a proof reader is hugely variable. How far will they go? How much detail? Will they make changes and suggestions to improve the work, or just make it ‘correct’? I had been looking for an editor to work on a time travel serial, someone with great attention to detail and also an opinion! That’s another area where I think Dawn excels. She is meticulous and has a great sense of accuracy across all aspects of my work, but also has a good sense of narrative. Many of her suggestions have made it into the final draft, and my work is all the better for it.
I would recommend her highly.
Nick Jones, author of "The Embers of Hope" and "DOWN STREAM"
Finding Dawn was a huge stroke of luck for me. We didn't meet on an author/editor level but once we started talking I learned she was an editor. Great editors are hard to find and she's one of a kind. She not only edited my typos and grammar but gave me ideas for how to strengthen my story. She has an eye for detail which is invaluable. I was in desperate need and she was a godsend.
Elle Klass, author of "Eye of The Storm: Eilida's Tragedy (Ruthless Storm Book 1)"

As a first time writer, the requirement for a good quality editor only really became apparent once I had experienced the improvements they can make to your work first hand.
For writers, myself especially, it is all too easy to become wrapped up in the world and stories which you have created, making it near on impossible to review your manuscript or prose with the level of attention and detail required.  I personally found that beta readers could help with the structure of the plot, but as they were not professionals, they often too overlooked errors.
I was fortunate enough to stumble across Dawn and the services she offered, and can honestly say the improvements she has made to my novel were tangible and improved the quality of my work no end.  Dawn is a very friendly and approachable person, which I found was key when ‘handing over my baby’ that I had worked on for 3 years, yet she works in a methodical and precise manner which ensures that your work receives the high level of quality and the attention that your efforts deserve.  My story, Salvation, is a Sci-Fi meets Fantasy epic and considerably long at 250,000+ words, yet I felt she quickly understood my style as a writer, with the structural alterations she suggested improving the flow for the reader.  Some other editors I have come across look to change the writing style of new authors to fit what they think should work or their own personal view, which I felt was stifling and stripped away at the uniqueness and creativity of the author.  I never had this problem with Dawn, and all of her suggestions felt that they were designed to improve my work and help me develop it to its full potential.  Finally, Dawn’s attention to detail is second to none, consistently finding the smallest errors in lines I must have read a hundred times before!
For any writer looking to self-publish, I cannot stress the requirement for your work to be professionally polished, otherwise any mistakes, however little, invite the reader to walk away.  Likewise, for those considering submitting to agents or traditional publishers, without the editing process of professionals like Dawn, your chances of success are highly reduced.
I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Dawn to anyone, whether they be a first time writer or a professional author, and I am positive you will not regret choosing her to work as editor on your project.
AMC, author of "Salvation"

As a non-native English speaker, I need a bit of extra care from editors. Dawn has been a great help for editing my manuscript with careful observations and helpful comments, and always done in time.
Florian Armas, author of "Io Deceneus - Journal of a Time Traveler"

I recently commissioned Bookmarks Editing to do a full proof of my manuscript, Origin - Season One. I was extremely impressed with both the quality and speed of service. Considering the manuscript had already been extensively edited multiple times, I was both astounded and relieved at the results; astounded at the number of errors found, and relieved that they had finally been picked up and corrected. To anyone looking for a competent editing service, I can attest that Bookmarks Editing is a premium provider at a very competitive price.

Nathaniel Dean James, author of "Origin - Season One"