Monday, 28 July 2014

Another satisfied client.

Taking pride in your work is very important - even more so when it comes to editing, with the possibility of hundreds, if not thousands, of readers having their experience enhanced by your efforts.

Recognition of a "job well done" is priceless. Here is the latest review for Bookmarks Editing:

I recently commissioned Bookmarks Editing to do a full proof of my manuscript, Origin - Season One. I was extremely impressed with both the quality and speed of service. Considering the manuscript had already been extensively edited multiple times, I was both astounded and relieved at the results; astounded at the number of errors found, and relieved that they had finally been picked up and corrected. To anyone looking for a competent editing service, I can attest that Bookmarks Editing is a premium provider at a very competitive price.
Nathaniel Dean James, author of "Origin - Season One". 

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