Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Io Deceneus - Journal of a Time Traveler

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"The Universe is conscious, discreet, has many avatars, and likes to experiment on … us. Powerful Factions, the supreme form of social evolution in a galaxy where all civilizations are human-like, interfere for their own mysterious ends. When confident enough they challenge The Universe seeding war and political mayhem by altering the fabric of time.
He has been chosen to stop the genocide and change the pattern of history, and the fate of the whole galaxy: a galaxy where Earth is considered an example of a failed civilization. Rogue Factions want to eliminate the Erins – a mysterious quantum-mind experiment representing the next level of intelligent life. Earth's “model” is used to start the war and he is the best choice to counter it."

That is the synopsis for "Io Deceneus - Journal of a Time Traveler" by Florian Armas.

What the synopsis doesn't tell you is how well thought out this novel is, or how well written.

I first read "Io Deceneus - Journal of a Time Traveler" a few months before I was asked to edit it. I was very taken with the story line, which in parts deals with regular life that we can all relate to. Florian Armas has taken the history of mankind and explored (in a science fiction setting) where it all went wrong, and toys with ideas for how we can put it right.

"Io Deceneus - Journal of a Time Traveler" was a joy to edit. Florian Armas' writing style has a natural flow, and the story line has a level of complexity that was wonderful to work with.

I've pencilled in a re-read (purely for fun) later this year.

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