Friday, 3 October 2014


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"Nearly 10 years after witnessing the death of his family during an alien invasion, Alex is recruited as part of an elite group tasked with hunting down the aliens before they return to enslave mankind. However, the group soon realise that their foe and the galaxies are far more deadly and ruthless than even they feared, and learn from another alien race the true extent of the 5 power forces which wield unlimited supremacy. After accidentally harnessing one of these powers, it becomes clear that Alex’s fate is intertwined with the destiny of the power forces, and he becomes embroiled in a battle with the vast armies of his dark enemy across the galaxies, leading to a momentous battle which will define the destiny for all living beings throughout the cosmos. Fast paced, full of action but with a real violent edge, this book is ideal for anyone who enjoys Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones!!"

That is the synopsis for "Salvation" by A.M.C. - which is the latest manuscript I have had the pleasure of editing.

This is a story of epic proportions. Right from the first page, it draws you into the lives of the characters so completely that you barely notice the length of the novel.
Love some, hate some - the characters are built with such depth that indifference to any is not an option.

The language and violence make this book unsuitable for younger readers, and it is by no means aimed at children.

A.M.C. has written a novel with all the qualities needed for it to become a classic of our time.

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