Friday, 17 October 2014

Eye of The Storm: Eilida's Tragedy (Ruthless Storm Book 1)

Available for pre-order (release date October 24, 2014) in Kindle format from and

"A disturbance at her neighbor's house piques Eilida’s curiosity. What she discovers is so shocking it sends her running through the mountainous woods during a thunderstorm. She slips on the wet ground, plummets down Mount Wilde, and slams into a large boulder beside River Freedom. Eilida is transported to Lyden, where Sunshine, a receptionist at the local paper becomes engrossed in her story. The further Sunshine delves into Eilida’s life the more entangled their lives become. Paranormal events, frightening dreams, and terror filled memories draw the women together into an unthinkable web of horror."

The synopsis for "Eye of the Storm: Eilida's Tragedy" should be enough to make anyone pick up a copy!

Having had the privilege of receiving an advanced copy from Elle Klass and then being asked to edit, I like to think I can add a little more about why you should get your copy as soon as possible.

The story isn't so much written as it is woven, and Elle Klass writes with a natural fluidity that makes her work a joy to read (and edit!).
There is something for every adult, whether you enjoy reading about the paranormal, romance, chick-lit, horror, thrillers, mystery - it's all there!

It's not often that a book leaves me with chills - this one did.

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