Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Nobody Show

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"The Nobody Show is an accident waiting to happen...

Old Castle (population 666 ... 665 ... 664) is a town ravaged by unemployment. The magic is gone and the economy is in the gutter, but newest dole statistic, Arthur Lawless, has a dream...

Arthur wants to chase down his childhood dream to build his own circus. He makes it his mission to put on The Greatest Show on Earth - Old Castle's slice of Earth, at least..."

You have no idea how much I have been looking forward to this book – both as a reader and as an editor!
Packed with humorous happenings, “The Nobody Show” is the third offering from author Jonathan Dunne .
If you have read “Balloon Animals” and “Living Dead Lovers” there are a few extra guffaws to be had during the journey.
The quality of both the story line and the way it is written makes this book very easy to read. I was truly disappointed to reach the end. Mixed in among the laughs and giggles caused by Arthur Lawless and his antics is a... No, I won’t tell you. Read “The Nobody Show” and find out for yourself!

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