Monday, 19 January 2015

Bite the Big Apple

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"Living in New York, working for the people who wanted to kill me, I was in the pit of the lion’s den and preferred not to be their next meal, so I started carrying a knife. Clutching my purse housing my blade closely and replaying the self defense skills Sam had taught me in Paris through my mind, I felt relatively safe. They hadn’t failed me yet, although a six foot man would be much harder to take down than a five foot woman. I wasn’t going without a fight. I kept my purse close. Doing my best to hide my nervousness I asked, “Do you have an appointment sir?”
He placed his paper on the chair beside him and stood up. I braced myself. Then he spoke. “Yes, I’m Mitchel Strat I spoke with William this morning and he asked me to meet him here at one o’clock.” The left side of his lips turned up in a quirky sly smile giving away his recognition of me."

Here is the synopsis and cover for Baby Girl Book 4: Bite the Big Apple. Worth waiting for, huh?!

Each book in Elle Klass' Baby Girl series reads like a TV show episode - and leaves you waiting for the next instalment.
In "Bite the Big Apple", the story really begins moving fast... questions are answered and things start to become clear... but there are more questions that will leave you eagerly awaiting Book 5.

The standard of the story line and the writing is consistent throughout the series, meaning picking up the next book in the series has been like welcoming an old friend - one with a lot of adventures to share.

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